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Un-Logical May 18, 2009

Posted by Paige of Quarrel in we're only gonna die.
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So, Liz Cheney is calling Obama “un-American.” Can we all agree that if Republicans keep talking about seceding from the US they can’t keep calling Dems un-American? What could possibly be less American than saying you no longer want to be associated with America?

I’d also like to point out that during the long, dark Bush years, liberals joked about moving to Canada and becoming ex-pats, but Republicans lose a couple of elections and a number of them are talking quite earnestly about breaking up the country, that is, literally destroying the country and taking their little corner of it with them.  Seriously?  That’s not just un-American or even anti-American, it’s the kid in the neighborhood who loses one game and says, “I’m taking my ball and going home!”