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Nine Things I Think I Know About Privilege

  1. I should never assert privilege is held by anyone. I will never know them or their life well enough to say “You have had ___ privilege.” I will more than likely never know my self well enough to own all of mine.
  1. Privilege is always about “other.” Without an “us” and a “them,” it can never exist.
  1. Privilege is not one-size-fits-all. It is never equally exercised by all members of any group. All assertions to the contrary are overgeneralized.
  1. Privilege is one of the few truly universal experiences. Only one person can claim the privilege of saying all six billion, four hundred ninety nine million, nine hundred ninety nine thousand, nine hundred ninety nine other people on Earth have it better.
  1. I’m only qualified to speak on the subject of privilege from the first person. And anything I was taught in a college class makes me more qualified to the same degree that it makes me less qualified.
  1. Pointing out other people’s privilege is just procrastination of my real work. Activism should begin with the knowledge of my own privileges and end with the successful destruction of said privileges.
  1. Knowingly exercising privilege is oppression.
  1. Unknowingly exercising privilege is ignorance.
  1. Never exercising privilege is impossible.
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