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The Name Game May 10, 2010

Posted by Paige of Quarrel in cult of lack of personality.
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OK, white comedians, got it out of your system yet?  Good, because it’s time to stop making fun of Faisal Shahzad’s name.  There’s already 92 Google results for “Faisal goes west”  and it wasn’t funny the first time.

If an American citizen tries to kill vacationing civilians in Times Square and locks himself out of his car bomb, fails to detonate that bomb and then gets caught 53 hours later and the only way you can think to go after him is some fucked up, racist, ad hominem attacks about his name, then you’re the punch line here.  You’re the unfunny, uncreative, ignorant American slandering everyone in the world with a name that isn’t sufficiently Anglo-Saxon for you.  You the one mocking millions because this one guy was an asshole and you have the privilege to get away with it.

And that makes you a hateful, close-minded bully just like the people who inspired Shahzad.  You’re part of the problem.  So, please, shut the fuck up.

(By the way, I’m not a terrorist sympathizer or anti-American or defending Shahzad just because I’m disagreeing with you.  It’s just that your jokes are hackneyed and there’s nothing hilarious about “ethnic” names.)



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