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What about Duanna Johnson? November 15, 2008

Posted by Paige of Quarrel in pressure gage.
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Fuck it. For a few hours there, I was thinking about going to the gay marriage protest this afternoon at City Hall. But fuck it.

I keep waiting to see when the mainstream media will finally notice Duanna Johnson’s brutal murder. But no one seems to care.

If Duanna Johnson had been a white gay male like Matthew Shepard instead of a trans woman of color, half of those signs at the protest would be about the murder of a white gay man who was suing the police and had gotten two cops fired over the victim’s videotaped beating. They’d be chanting the victim’s name. A picture of the nice young man would be plastered all over the news. Vigils would be held around the world.

So, where is their outrage for her?

Where are the marches for her?

Why don’t they care when a trans woman is dead? When another trans person of color is dead?

Fuck your marriage. What about her LIFE?




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